1. How do I become a member?

Visit our page “Join Us”

Our membership process consists in 4 steps:

  1. Download your application documents: PDF presentation, letter of intent, activities overview (might differ, depending on your profile) to present your company/entity.
  2. Return your filled documents to membership@upcell.org : this officialise your demand to join the alliance. Your application is then reviewed by the Board of Directors.
  3. After validation by the board, you receive your membership form and charter of ethics to sign, with subscription modality.
  4. Upon reception of your membership documents on membership@upcell.org and payment of your fees, you will receive your official membership receipt. Welcome to Upcell Alliance !

If you wish to meet with our team before joining Upcell alliance, contact us with our contact form.

2. "My firm has operations in Europe but the headquarter is outside of Europe, can the local entity become a member?"

The internal regulations of Upcell Alliance specify the following criteria to apply for a membership:

1.2 Membership criteria

i) Nationality criteria

Membership is open to any company or entity having its head office registered in Europe, as defined below.

The European territory is thus defined by the countries of the European Union, the Schengen area and the United Kingdom, together referred to as “Europe”.

ii) Criteria by business line

Members’ activities must be linked to a product and/or service offer related to the electric battery manufacturing. Thus, a distinction should be made between:

  • Manufacturers supplying electrical components and automation solutions: they must have a range of products for the electric battery industry, such as components, controllers, electrical equipment and software, and must have at least one factory in Europe;
  • Machine builders: they will have to justify the establishment of at least one European factory or agency that will bring added value to the European battery manufacturing ecosystem, for example an R&D laboratory, an innovative manufacturing laboratory, etc.
  • Electric battery manufacturers: they will have to justify the establishment of at least one cell or battery production plant in Europe;
  • Universities: they must have one or more research professors in Europe, and must be able to justify publications in the electric battery sector;
  • The other categories of trade which include :
    • Chemical suppliers: they will have to provide evidence of an offer of products intended for the electric battery and provide evidence of a factory in Europe or a European agency that will bring added value to the European battery manufacturing ecosystem, for example an R&D laboratory, an innovative manufacturing laboratory, etc;
    • Manufacturers of electric vehicles: they will have to provide evidence of a plant location in Europe;
    • Any other category: they will have to justify a plant location in Europe or European agency that will bring added value to the European battery manufacturing ecosystem, e.g. an R&D laboratory, an innovative manufacturing laboratory, etc.

iii) These criteria are monitored by the Board of Directors, which has sole authority to approve any new member if the above conditions are met. Any exception to these membership criteria must be expressly justified by the Board of Directors.

3. What are the different categories of members?

  • Machine builders
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Universities and research labs
  • Electrical components and automation solutions providers
  • Others: Specialty materials/chemical materials providers, EV manufacturers, software providers…

For this last category, you should justify manufacturing sites in Europe, or agency that will bring added value to the current battery ecosystem in Europe e.g., R&D center, manufacturing lab to join Upcell Alliance.

4. What will I get from joining Upcell Alliance?

  • Access a network of strong European actors of the Battery Manufacturing Industry
  • Take part to 2 to 3 exclusive live events per year with VIP participants such as state representatives and CEOs, conferences and networking time (your ticket is included in your membership fees)
  • Be supported in connecting with European Battery Business partners, and in getting support from governmental organizations
  • Be invited to collaborate on innovation projects with industrials and academics and be supported to apply for European Grants
  • Be promoted by the Alliance online and on trade fairs
  • Be part of exclusive bi-monthly webinars with VIP speakers
  • Receive our Newsletter

More specifically

Joining as a machine builder:

  • Boost your visibility and get direct contact with battery manufacturers
  • Take part in research projects with top technical European universities to innovate and upgrade your solutions

Joining as battery manufacturer:

  • Quickly and efficiently identify your right suppliers
  • Gain Time with direct contacts
  • Meet your ESG targets by partnering with local suppliers

Joining as a university:

  • Get the opportunity to collaborate with industries on R&D&I projects
  • Share findings to an industrial audience

5. Who are the founding members?

The founding members are: Bühler, Fives, HESAM University, In-Core Systèmes, Ingecal, Schneider Electric, Verkor.

6. Is Upcell Alliance a French alliance?

Upcell Alliance is a non-profit association created under French law, yet fully European oriented and open to all actors of the European Industry of the Electric Battery sharing our values.

Is considered part of the mentioned Europe: E.U., Schengen area, UK

Upcell Alliance aims to develop a strong battery manufacturing ecosystem by 2030 and contribute to the industrial autonomy of Europe.

7. How is the association organized?

As a non profit association, the alliance has a board of directors meeting every two months to define the strategy.

The alliance is operationally managed by the Bureau (President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer).

Every year, a general assembly is held where all members are invited, to present the general assessment of the year and annual accounts.

Visit our page “Our team”.

8. "How is my company being promoted?"

  • Fairs and conferences: upcell Alliance aims to participate as a speaker during 3 to 4 fairs and conferences and bring the voice and expertise of the members on stage!
  • For some fairs, having an upcell Alliance delegation can open discounts.
  • On org website with the dedicated page of members
  • On LinkedIn Page by having a dedicated post of your company
  • Can also be during digital webinars on specific topics
  • During physical events with visuals, prints and flyers
  • On media press articles

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