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Perks of being a member

Once a member of Upcell Alliance, you will:

  • Access a network of strong European actors of the Battery Manufacturing Industry
  • Take part to 2 to 3 exclusive live events with VIP participants such as state representatives and CEOs, conferences and networking time
  • Be invited to collaborate on innovation projects with industrials and academics and be supported to apply for European Grants
  • Be promoted by the Alliance online and on trade fairs
  • Be part of exclusive bi-monthly webinars with VIP speakers
  • Receive our bi-monthly Newsletter
  • Be supported in connecting with European Battery Business partners

And much more!

Who can ask to join upcell Alliance?

Membership of upcell Alliance is open to any industrial or academic actor of the European battery manufacturing value-chain whose head-office is based in Europe (E.U., Schengen area, and United Kingdom).

In specific cases, International Partners in the electrical battery sector will also be allowed to join upcell Alliance, with the aim of establishing strategic collaborations and promote the Association outside Europe. International partners will be authorised to participate as guests in events organised by upcell Alliance, within the limits of its statutory purpose.

How to apply to upcell Alliance?

Any applicant must first express their intent to join the Alliance by:

  • Filling a letter of intent (except for Universities, Research Centers and Battery manufacturers).
  • Providing a PowerPoint presentation of their activity and added value in the battery manufacturing value chain and how they can contribute to the Alliance.
  • Filling the membership form.
  • Accept the Ethics Charter.

The application will be reviewed by upcell Alliance board of directors who will, if necessary, invite the applicant to an interview before validating their admission.

Upon successful admission, the applicant will receive an invoice for the payment of fees and official membership status will be conferred upon receipt of payment.

Fees and admission documents by applicant’s type of activity

Entrance fee: € 1,000

Membership yearly fee: € 2,000

They will have to justify the establishment of at least one battery, cell or car production plant in Europe.

Download your application documents:


Entrance fee: € 2,000

Membership yearly fee: € 5,000

They will have to prove the establishment of at least one European factory or agency that will bring added value to the European battery manufacturing ecosystem, for example an R&D laboratory, an innovative manufacturing laboratory, etc.

Download your application documents:


Entrance fee: free of charge

Membership yearly fee: free of charge

They must have one or more research professors in Europe, and must be able to justify publications and/or patents in the electric battery sector.

Download your application documents:

  • Small (<1B€)
Entrance fee: € 2,000
Membership yearly fee:  € 5,000
  • Medium (1-5B€)
Entrance fee: € 4,000
Membership yearly fee:  € 10,000
  • Big (>5B€)
Entrance fee: € 50,000
Membership yearly fee:  € 30,000

They must have a range of products for the electric battery industry, such as components, controllers, electrical equipment and software, and at least one factory in Europe.

Download your application documents:


(such as Raw Materials/Chemical Suppliers, Recycling Solutions, Consulting/Engineering, etc.)

Entrance fee: € 2,000

Membership yearly fee: € 5,000

They must prove that they offer products linked to the electric battery value chain, and have at least one factory in Europe.

Download your application documents:


Entrance fee: Free of charge

Membership yearly fee for Battery Manufacturers:  € 2,000

Membership yearly fee for Machine Builders and other categories:  € 5,000

They must be located in a non-European country and must prove to add value to the Association within the battery value chain and provide business opportunities for the Alliance members.

Download your application documents:


Download your application files associated to your category and send them to: