Driving Change in the Battery Industry: Impactful Event in Barcelona

Driving Change in the Battery Industry: Impactful Event in Barcelona

We are thrilled to share about our successful event at the prestigious Engineering School of Barcelona on October 5-6, 2023, second event of the year with Upcell Alliance.
This momentous event brought together over 150 esteemed guests, CEOs, directors, and experts from the battery industry. With the support of the Catalonia Government, the event highlighted the remarkable growth of the battery industry in Spain and reinforced the European orientation of Upcell Alliance.

The presence of Minister of Business and Labor, Roger Torrent, added a strong touch to the event. His speech emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in fostering local projects within the European battery industry.

Thanks to the commitment of Upcell Alliance and the Spanish regions, especially Basque Country and Extremadura, numerous local initiatives are now in the making, driving us towards a stronger industry in Europe.
The two-day event was packed with insightful sessions and engaging discussions, covering various facets of battery manufacturing. The focus remained firmly on collaboration, innovation, and finding solutions for the future. By working together and forging partnerships across Europe, we aim to address the specific needs and targets of our regions.

The first day of the event was dedicated to fostering business connections and networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to engage with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. This day served as a platform for creating synergies and strengthening relationships within the European battery industry.

Upcell Alliance also rewarded Tomas Megia, from ACCIO Catalonia Trade and Investment Agency, for his outstanding support in Upcell’s endeavors and goals. Tomas Megia is the third honorary member named by the association.

The evening cocktail on the roof of the Hilton Mar was immortalized by Pablo Gonzalez, young artist who painted live the scene to mark the one-year anniversary of Upcell Alliance.

The second day was an exploration of technical innovations and ongoing projects. Participants delved into the latest advancements, breakthrough technologies, and sustainable practices in battery manufacturing. The event showcased the cutting-edge initiatives that are shaping the future of the European battery industry.

The event buzzed with energy and enthusiasm from our members and partners. The collective dedication towards a sustainable future was palpable throughout the event. The commitment to collaboration, innovation, and European partnerships underscored our shared vision of building a stronger and greener tomorrow.

The event not only showcased Spain’s significant role in the European battery industry but also highlighted the power of collaboration and innovation within Europe. With local projects in the pipeline and a shared focus on solutions for the future, we are confident in our ability to create a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow for Europe.

Big thanks to our members and partners for their great energy and trust!
Upcell Alliance is especially grateful for Catalonia’s support and participation in the success of this event.