3 New Board Members & Worldwide Partnerships

Upcell Welcomes Three New Board Members and Expands Worldwide Partnerships

We are excited to announce the appointment of three new board members and the expansion of its partnerships in North America. These development have been approved by its members during an exceptional General Assembly on September 22nd, marking a significant milestone less than a year after Upcell Alliance’s creation.

1. Introducing the New Board Members:

Upcell takes great pride in welcoming three more Battery manufacturers to its board of directors. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise will undoubtedly strengthen Upcell’s strategic decision-making and help propel the company’s mission to the next level.

  • Basquevolt, represented by Francisco Carrenza, CEO
  • Blue Solutions, represented by Olivier Colas, Public Affairs Director
  • Elinor Batteries, represented by Truls Johansen, Chief Strategy Officer

The board of directors now counts 10 companies and university.

2. Strengthening Worldwide Partnerships, with a Focus on North America:

Upcell recognizes the importance of collaboration and strategic partnerships in driving innovation and accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy solutions. In line with this vision, Upcell aims to promote its European members worldwide.

  • Worldwide Partnerships: Upcell establishes strategic partnerships in North America and worldwide. These partnerships aim to foster knowledge exchange with our members, drive collaborative research and development initiatives, and promote european solutions in worldwide projects.
  • Leveraging Expertise: By collaborating with international partners, Upcell gains access to valuable market insights, industry expertise, and regulatory knowledge specific to the region. This enables Upcell to tailor its solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of North American customers, further driving adoption and market penetration.
  • Market Expansion: Upcell’s strengthened presence and partnerships worldwide open up new avenues for growth and market expansion. The collaboration with North American partners enables Upcell to tap into a vast customer base, leverage distribution networks, and explore mutually beneficial business opportunities.

The addition of three accomplished board members and the expansion of partnerships, particularly in North America, signify Upcell’s commitment to driving positive change in the energy industry. With their expertise and experience, the new board members will contribute to Upcell’s strategic decision-making and help shape the company’s future. By forging alliances with esteemed partners worlwide, Upcell is poised to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions and solidify its position as a global leader in the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates as Upcell continues its journey to strengthening the European Industry and forging the solutions of the future!